I learned that the tadalafil is more powerful than sildenafil and the sildenafil is in the form of a gel - Hinds R.




list of medications with active ingredient tadalafil). Because Cialis can sustain an erection for 36 hours, therefore, it is also called the medicine weekend.

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What is Cialis

What are the benefits of Cialis?
Cialis is reliable, efficient, easy-to-use and secure, it restores the normal sexual life for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, freeing them from the constant thinking on the treatment.
after taking Cialis and lasts 36 hours.
Cialis, which is taken as needed, up to once per day, improves erectile function in most men suffering from erectile dysfunction degree of any kind.

What are the treatments for erectile dysfunction are the most common?
consultation services psychological and sexological may be useful for the type of erectile dysfunction psychogenic.

If a patient has a degree severe erectile dysfunction, Cialis can help?
The study included patients with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, from mild to severe.

Can someone help to Cialis for patients with diabetes?
In clinical trials, 68% of men with diabetes who take Cialis tablets 20mg noticed an improvement in erection.

When taking Cialis?
For a positive result to sexual stimulation.

What are the side effects can be expected from Cialis?
In clinical studies, most men are not aware of the serious side effects that would cause them to stop taking Cialis.

Can I take Cialis if you take nitrates?
enumerated list is not complete, therefore, it is important to know that you are taking nitrates or preparations containing these substances.

If no restriction of food consumption in the treatment of Cialis?
Cialis can be taken with or without food.

The best way to take Cialis?
It is recommended that a single tablet Cialis 20mg per day.

Can I use Cialis daily for a long period of time?
The daily intake of medication is strongly discouraged.

The patient will have an erection if they don't want?
No, for the effectiveness of Cialis is necessary sexual stimulation.

Will tadalafil if you take just half a Cialis pill?
Cialis has been developed to be used at the dose of 20 mg, break a tablet into smaller doses may not.

Can women take Cialis?
Cialis is only for men.

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Cialis, contraindications
If you purchase cialis at low prices on the internet or Cialis in France, ask about the contraindications of Cialis before taking.
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